Hi, I'm Van

An experienced instructional/ learning designer with over 10 years of expertise in designing and delivering effective learning content for businesses across various sectors.


Instructional Design is my ''ikigai''

‘Ikigai’ is a Japanese concept meaning “a reason for being”. In career, it refers to the job we do that fulfills ourselves personally, socially and financially. 

Embarking on my professional journey, I discovered a profound connection to Instructional Design—it became my “ikigai,”. This realization led me to transition my career path towards becoming an Instructional Designer in early 2020, a decision I’ve never looked back on.

Training Theories & Models I applied in my training sessions:

  1. ADDIE
  2. Bloom’s Taxonomy
  3. Andragogy (Adult Learning)
  4. Gagné’s 9 Events of Learning
  5. Kirkpatrick’s Levels of Evaluation
  6. Mayer’s Principles for eLearning

Tools I can use: 

  • Authoring tool: Articulate Storyline & Rise (Advanced level)
  • Visual design: Illustrator, Canva
  • Video creation: Camtasia, Vyond
  • Data: Power BI, Kibana
  • MS 365, Google Suite

During my tenure in Training & Development career, I’ve had the privilege to collaborate with international companies in different industries, such as: 

  • Education: Wall Street English, Manabie K12 Edtech, One-on-One Edtech
  • Technology: KMS Technology, GeoComply
  • Financial services: Home Credit
  • FMCG: Nescafe

Training topics: onboarding, system training, service & sales skills, soft skills, and technology product training. 

Training delivery methods: blended (e-learning & instructor-led training, both offline and virtual)

My latest projects

The projects I have done for the above companies are confidential and can’t be shared with the public. To know more about my technical skills, in my portfolio, you can refer to the e-learning works I made, following the themes of Articulate’s weekly e-learning challenges.