My Graduation project for Articulate Storyline course

This is the final project I made for the Articulate Storyline course that I have studied in the last 3 months. It’s a practical project-based course that helped me upskill myself from Beginner to Upper-intermediate level.

In this project, I practiced scenario branching, a great way to design skill-teaching e-learning sessions. The visual design for e-learning is also an emphasized aspect of this project. I learned how to make a style guide for the whole project to assure its consistency. The instructor is a senior e-learning designer of a Singapore e-learning agency. She showed me many real, professional projects for reference and helped me set the correct mindset at the beginning, to avoid common beginner’s pitfalls.

This project is yet to be perfect, but I hope you enjoy it, and hopefully it’s useful to you somehow. There are a lot more things I learned but cannot share or show within this project due to time constraints. So stay tuned, I will be back with more exciting experiments.

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